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Italy with Cornell Adult University, June 2014

"Concept if Time"


(The photo second from left: From Uploaded by

(Preliminary) Overview of trip

Live in gracious, delightful, delicious, beautiful Italy for a week. And along the way, feed the brain as well as the body. (Overview to be expanded in due course, but that's "it", really.)

To be a little more specific, at first we were based on in Parma, later in Bologna. Saw some wonderful things in and around those bases.

Though this page is in its infancy, it is appropriate to recognize the extraordinary amount of work done by many people, so that the participants could have a week of great experiences without any of the chores of "life" along the way, or of, say, finding the right restaurant, making a booking.

While many people were part of all that, I would like to single out our Italian guide. She was exceptional for her warmth of welcome, knowledge, ability to share that knowledge, willingness to go more than an extra mile... and diplomatic cat-herding skills. If ever you want a guide for a trip in Italy, particularly the area we visited, do get in touch so that I can give you her contact details.

Overview of how photos are distributed across the website

I suspect that the main attraction for you, Dear Reader, of this site is the photos. But I hope that some of the text, putting them in context, will be of interest too.

The last page is special: Eventually, it should wither away to nothing and die, like the scaffolding used in constructing a building.

There will also some sub-pages. There are other links to them in logical places, but for the sake of completeness, here's a menu.... (Only one done, so far...)

Remember: nothing here should be take as "official". And you should expect CAU's "Concept of Time, Parma and Bologna" to evolve, as time passes.

All the talking and studying we did in Italy about observing the sun, concepts of time, sundial, etc. fanned the already not very quiet embers of some things I've been meaning to publish at my Flat Earth Academy for some time. My Flat Earth Academy astronomy pages are a bit rough and ready at the moment, but maybe you will enjoy bits of them, if you are A Right Thinking Person. (Not defined by whether you like my pages, but rather by what you find interesting. No fee to find out!)

On the off chance that I don't flatter myself: Should you want to recommend this page to someone, another way to access it is via (There was a time... before 28 June, I hope you will find... when that didn't work. Fixed... I believe.)


Photopages by other members of the tour

(Please get in touch, fellow CAU participants, if you have published your photos. Let me have the URL for listing here?) (Alternatively, get in touch if you have a few pictures you don't want to do a web page for, but would be willing to let me add to this report of the trip.)

Other material... not photos, particularly...

I mentioned to fellow CAU participants the marvelous orrery in the Netherlands. You can read all about it at the Wikipedia page about the Eisinga "Planetarium", or at a page from AtlasObscura. Sadly, I could find no site on the web which really does it justice, and they are one of those places where photography is not allowed. Sigh.

Photos from other trips:

I have done a "menu" for you of links to reports with photos on trips to other destinations. (It will open in a new window or tab.)

May you use photos from this site? Want to contact me?

If you find yourself wanting to use a photo on this site, please see my page about using web-published material which is copyright TK Boyd. If you want to contact me, here's my eddress, or you can use the contact form. (Email best, as the contact form is often abused, and I don't read all messages arriving that way.) Corrections to bad information on the pages very welcome... don't be shy!

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