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1-Wire (tm) / "one wire", "two wire"

One Wire? 1-Wire? Two Wire?

Just a quick word about the terms "1-Wire", "one wire" and "two wire"....

You will see "one wire" and "one wire interface" in the nuelectronics documentation. This is not always connected with "1-Wire" (a trademark of the Dallas Semiconductor company) at all, and even when you are connecting a 1-Wire device to a nuelectronics "one wire" connection point, you won't often (ever?) get dragged into some of the more complex 1-Wire issues. Don't get me wrong... I like 1-Wire... it is powerful. But to get everything you can from 1-Wire gets dangerously close to Serious Work. Nuelectronics lets you use some of the (marvelous) 1-Wire devices without the work!

The nuelectronics datalogging shield brings various Arduino signal lines to the edge of the board/ shield/ PCB. Each signal is made available to the outside world via a simple standard connector, and the connector also supplies the Arduino's 5v line and ground line. All of this makes connecting sensors and actuators (effectors) easy. Nuelectronics do a nice, and well priced, line of sensors and actuators that you can just plug in. (There is more detail at my Naming of Parts page.)

Most of the connectors on the edge of the shield bring one Arduino signal line to the outside world; these are the "one wire" connection points. Others bring two Arduino signal lines to the outside world; these are "two wire" connection points.

Simple. Logical. Reasonable. Just don't confuse "one wire" and "1-Wire", even when you are using a (nuelectronics) "one wire" connection point to attach a (Dallas) "1-Wire" chip... as you may well find yourself doing! Code for DS18B20 temperature sensors has already been developed, and working up the code for simple, non-MicroLan use of other 1-Wire chips would not be hard.

One last little opportunity for confusion: The library from the main Arduino website for interfacing with 1-Wire chips... which you do not need, to use the nuelectronics datalogging shield... is called "OneWire". (You may want to use that library, later... but you don't need to use it.)

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