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Our travel arrangements

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[Image of lodge]      Our travels with with Explorama... 26 Feb- 4 March, 2007

[Image of amatista]      Our travels with with Jungle Expeditions (Junglex)... 4 March- 10 March, 2007

[Image of dancers]      Our travels outside the 'heart' of the trip" page. (Lima, and central Iquitos)

Those photos illustrate facets of how we were able to enjoy the Amazon so thoroughly.

Please consider the following testimonials for a few deserving organisations? They all contributed to the success of the trip... and you might want to consider using some or all of them. The people associated with those organisations are first class. (Items marked "(el)" are external links, and will open in a new browser window when clicked. Just close that, and you will be back here.) (Not all such links are so marked.)

I joined the trip through Cornell's Adult University (el), having had good experiences with them before. Two people from Cornell led the trip.

Cornell worked with International Expeditions(el) to create the package. International Expeditions sent one of their staff with us, who was a great help throughout our stay. They also helped us "join up" the parts of our trip.

For the first part of our stay, east of Iquitos, we were land based, and taken care of by people and various facilities of the Explorama group(el).

For the second part, we travelled about 700 miles south and west (upstream) from Iquitos, on the splendid Amatista, a 127 foot long modern craft, purpose built in the style of a 19th-century Amazon riverboat. She is owned and operated by the people at I found alternative information at this page of the site.(el)

[Image of rain]

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Well... it was the rain forest, after all. And we were caught like this only very rarely. In any case, it wasn't cold. Even putting on damp clothes from time to time wasn't unpleasant, because the heat and humidity meant they weren't cold.

Other photos for your enjoyment....

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