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Yanamono Clinic

Heathcare in the upper Amazon

© TK Boyd 03/07

In 1990, a doctor from Wisconson went on a trip to the Amazon... a trip similar to the one that gave rise to the webpages of which this is part.

Not long after, lacking facilities, Peruvian medical qualifications, and Spanish, she was back... and she has been supplying heathcare to the people around Indiana... Peru, not USA... for many years since.

© TK Boyd 03/07

Here is where Doctor Smith works. The Rotary Club built this for her. Explorama is generous. Won't you help too? Imagine what the money you spent on coffee last month would buy for the clinic. The doctor has given so much, in order to be there. She helps over 150 people per month.... won't you help keep her in supplies and medicines?

You can learn more about the clinic, Dr. Linnea Smith, and how to contribute at the Amazon Medical Project website. This is "the real deal". Please spread the word.... www.AmazonMedical.org.

© TK Boyd 03/07

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