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Useful PCB designs

... with ways to buy most of them (as bare boards) made up for you.

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Pages about PCBs carrying useful circuits, often Arduino related. In many cases, you can buy the bare boards from hobbyist-friendly commerial manufacturer OSH Park. In other cases the design is provided for you to do as you wish with, although I retain all commercial rights, thank you.


12 Jan 20: This catalog is incomplete. The things that the links promise are "done", ready for your use. There are more links to come.

Carrier board for Arduino Pro Mini

PCB264- To create a robust instance of a "one off" project

You can buy the boards. (About $8 each.) The board gives you a carrier for an Arduino Pro Mini, with pads for screw terminals, or direct soldering of wires. There are a few pads arranged a bit like a breadboard. The PCB provides an easy way to more small projects off of a breadboard to a more robust, "permanent" solution.

Quad opto-isolator, with LEDs on inputs and outputs

PCB274- quad opto coupler
You can buy the boards. (About $4.50 each.) The board gives you four mostly independent channels of opto-coupler / opto-isolator. (I use the terms interchangeably.)

You can... if you wish... have LEDs to indicate the status of either, or both, of the input and output on any channel.

Useful for "fireproof" voltage level shifting for digital signals. Also useful for isolating a module you are not entirely confident about, or for moderating the detrimental effect of a "messiness" in a (fluctuating) input signal.

Dual opto-isolators, with LEDs on inputs

I offer TWO! The best might be PCB277- dual opto coupler, but please also consider PCB267- dual opto coupler
You can buy the boards. (About $3.50 each.) The board gives you two mostly independent channels of opto-coupler / opto-isolator. (I use the terms interchangeably.)

If it were me? Of the two dual channel boards, Would probably go for PCB277. I might "go for" my quad channel breakout, PCB274. (PCB274 uses one or two 8 pin chips (your choice) of the type where the LEDs and photo transistors both "point in". (See diagrams on the respective pages.)) However, if you already have a bunch of chips that would be right for PCB267, that might tip the balance. (The same chips work in PCB277.) And the dual boards are cheaper, if you don't need more than two channels.

I seem to have written about one of them twice. Sigh. Other version of PCB267 documentation.

Using power from solar panels... with supercap back up and brownout cure

PCB269- Controller for solar power for low current projects
This one does not yet fully work as I would like... but maybe it would be a basis for work for another hobbyist.

It is a controller for powering a low power project via solar panels, using a supercap to get through the night and cloudy days. It re-sets the processor if necessary, if it has been locked up by a brown out".

Breakout for ATtiny85 Arduino IDE programmable device

PCB271-ATtiny carrier

You can buy the boards. (About $3 each.)

On the software side, the ATtiny can be programmed just as you program an Arduino. (Getting your code into it is a little tricker, but not rocket science.)

But it is smaller, and even less expensive. This PCB gives you a board to carry your ATtiny85 (or similar 8pin chip), once it has been programmed.

State to pulse-stream

PCB227- Convert a state to a stream of pulses... or not.

The page explains why you might want a circuit which could do this. You cannot yet buy the boards. But you could make one for yourself from the discussion here.

Invert digital signals with a transistor

PCB278- Convert a state to a stream of pulses... or not.

No PCB available. This is a simple little thing you can build on a scrap of perf-board.

The circuit given in the page lets you invert a digital signal. The voltage on the input side can be different from the voltage on the output side.

More to come...

... eventually. Especially if I detect any interest in this page! Boards, and pages about them are done. Search on "site:sheepdogguides.com pcb"

Besides the boards and designs I am offering, I will mention that breadboards are great! They certainly have their place in the electronics hobbyist's life.

You are the final inspector

You are responsible for any consequences of using what is on any of my pages!

Please get in touch if you discover any flaws in the board, or any ways to go wrong. How are using it would also be of interest.

I would welcome news of any use you put the PCB to... especially if it comes with a photo, and permission to mention here. By all means give me with that any website, blog, etc, you want publicity for.

If you found this of interest, please mention in fora, give it a Facebook "like", or whatever. I've almost given up writing these pages, because it seems they are seldom read, and of course not every reader will use them... so... is there any point? If you want more of this stuff, help!?

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