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Delphi tutorial: Using an old project as the basis of a new one (Level 2)

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Using an old project to start a new one.

This may not cover all elements of the process, but it illustrates what I did on one occasion! This guide was reviewed in May 2011, under Delphi 4.

I had DD06 up and working well. I wanted to make a new program which was an adaptation of DD06. I wanted to create a clone from that, under the name DD07, an name I was not yet using, at the time. I proceeded as follows...

I then did File|SaveProjectAs, and when the first box came up, I created and changed to "DD07" folder, changed the default DD06.dpr to DD07.dpr.

It seemed that I might be done, but... Delphi was 'helpfully'(?) remembering that the .pas file for this project was back in DD06's folder... not what I had in mind! I wanted the two projects to be completely independent.

To fix this, I clicked on the DD06u1.pas window, then did File|SaveFileAs, made sure I was still in the DD07 folder and, changed the unit's name from DD06u1.pas to DD07u1.pas. After I had run the project again, I seemed to all the right files, in the right place, and the .exe file was now DD07.exe.

You may want to look at the project's .dpr file to check for problems.

Use View|Units, and open the file equivalent to my DD07. At this stage you would see something equivalent to the following... don't worry about the remaining references to "TDD06f1" and "DD06f1"... yet. We're going to fix them.

program DD07;

  DD07u1 in 'DD07u1.PAS' {DD06f1};

{$R *.RES}

  Application.CreateForm(TDD06f1, DD06f1);

Whether you've looked at DD07.dpr or not, there will still be references to DD06f1 in various places.

Use the object inspector to change the name property of the form from DD06f1 to DD07f1. N.B.... Until you have done this, trying to edit the source code to change references to 06 to say 07 is not a good idea. Be sure to press enter, or move out of the "name" edit box after changing the name, or the name change will still only be pending.

At this point, save (can't save too often!) and re-run the program.

Now most references to DD06/DD07 seem to be okay. If you referred to DD06 anywhere in comments that you wrote, I doubt they would be changed... but neither would they prevent the program from running. Now would be a good time to use Delphi's editor's search and replace, with the "confirm changes" option in force, just to see what any references to DD06 remain. Just be careful that if you have something in DD07 saying "Created via a clone from DD06" that you don't change that reference to "06"!

If you opened DD07.dpr earlier, you will find that the references to DD06f1 have "magically" been "fixed". That happened when you changed the name of the project's main form.

Isn't the Delphi working environment wonderful?

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