Delphi tutorial: Notes on editorial policy

The tutorials this applies to have good information,

Please don't dismiss it because it isn't full of graphics, scripts, cookies, etc!

This page is "browser friendly". Make your browser window as wide as you want it. The text will flow nicely for you. It is easier to read in a narrow window. Usually, you can change the font size with ctrl-+ and ctrl-- (ctrl with the minus sign, or hyphen). Ctrl-0 (zero) restores the normal size.

Sometimes the formatting is crude. I was trying to post things in a form that made it easy to convert them to simple text. As browsers and wordprocessors have improved, the need for what I was doing has diminished, and I have used more and more html. In 2004, thanks to Open Office, I also began experimenting with publishing tutorials in PDF format. A given tutorial is always available in only one format. In many cases, if you want to convert a tutorial to simple text, you only need to....

Save it as a file, then..
Use Wordpad (or similar) to....
Remove html from the start and end, and
Remove all <br>s (and similar) from the file.

If you do convert the file to plain text, please add the following

Tutorial created by TK Boyd. See...
for more information, and freeware and shareware.

The text is © TK Boyd, but you may use it in for your personal education and pleasure. Please contact me (eddress here) if you wish to use the text or derivatives in connection with teaching or similar work for which you are paid.

Please do not re-post my work on the web, but please DO point people towards it.

More about the format of the documents.....


They are only there to force lines in from the left margin. (Yes.. I do know about <pre>... thank you to the many people who wrote in to suggest using it.)

Comments on the site are always welcome. I greatly appreciate the fairly frequent "Thank you"s people send. They are the main reward I get for putting this stuff together. Ironically, over at my shareware and freeware page (where I give away things I would sell if the marketing were not such a pain) I get very little feedback. Just goes to show what a good bunch of people programmers are!

If you do happen to write, your general geographic location, age, and the reason you are working with Delphi (fun? school? work?) makes the communication much more fun for me.

In the spirit of that request:

I was born in the early 50's, lived in the US until 1974, when I moved to the UK. I taught for 20 years (8-13 year olds (and older, later). Science at first, then computing. Boarding schools.) I program for the fun of it... though if I make a little money along the way from my shareware, that's okay too!

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