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Arduino Perpetual Pendulum

How to hang your pendulum.

I hope you'll find the following worth the proverbial kiloword?....

Picture of mechanical elements

The brown wood pendulum is hanging from a short length of coat hanger wire (wonderful material!), which has been bent upwards slightly, to help keep the pendulum centered between the two "arms" it hangs from. A little hot melt glue joins the coat hanger to the pendulum.

The brackets in the photo were just some bits of metal I happened to have. If you don't have anything suitable, any hardware store can sell you some angle brackets which will do admirably.

It is helpful if the surface the brackets are attached to is solid. In an early prototype, my pendulum was hanging from a less-than-rigid pole, and its wobbling was unhelpful.

Let me belabor one point that the photo fails to make clear, perhaps. The pendulum swings back and forth in the plane of its broad dimension. The bent wire the pendulum hangs from is at right angles to the plane of oscillation.

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