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A bit of inexpensive fun?

A 'talking' Morse code decoder

filename: aht3MorseTalker.htm

Nothing fancy here... just four things working together. Two will be things many readers already have. The other two are not expensive.

diagram showing modules for 'SPEAKING' Morse code decoder

Imagine a "thing" with a momentary switch at one end... a simple 'doorbell' type switch would do. A Morse code key would be perfect. And at the other end a speaker.

If some one tapped the switch "dah-dah-dah" (pause) "dit-dit-dit" (pause) "dah-dah-dah", the "thing" would 'say' "S" "O" "S" !

Cool? Of course cool! (If you are a Right Thinking Person!)

And it wouldn't be expensive. It wouldn't be hard to create.

You'd need...

You'll have to learn about the Talker and the Bonet Morse reader. Both EASY. Details at the pages cited.

The Bonet Morse reader accepts the input from the momentary switch, and creates a serial data stream with the ASCII for what was tapped on the Morse key. Typically, it drives a read- it- with- your- eyes display, sometimes "through" an Arduino. (The Arduino IDE makes turning the serial stream into figures- on- a- screen easy. You just use the serial monitor. You could still have this with a SPEAKING Morse reader.)

The Arduino would have to look up the number for whatever letter needs to be "said" by the Big Buddy Talker. (The Talker says words, and you tell it what word you want by sending it a numbers. (Besides words like "start", "stop", "five", etc... the Talker also can "say" "A", "B", "C"... etc... it treats the names of the letters as "words".)

That's it! The rest, e.g. the simple little program for the Arduino, the hooking up, etc, is VERY EASY. I hope I don't have to explain? It is, really. If you will buy the bits, I will help you connect them... if you need it! Contact details below.

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