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ENC28J60 with Arduino

March 2015 update

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Once upon a time...

Long (in internet time) ago, I wrote some tutorials in an attempt to help people connect their Arduinos to their LANs, the first step to connecting them to the interent.

In those days, the affordable option was boards based on the ENC28J60. And in those days the libraries for it were new.

Today, you can get the ENC28J60 very cheaply, probably, I suspect, because people are dumping them! But you can also get the various "Wiz" interfaces reasonably cheaply. If you are starting fresh, I'd go... at March '15!... for a W5100 or W5200.

But if you have an old ENC28J60, all is not lost. But be sure to update the library you are using for it! (Sorry... I should insert here WHERE TO GO for an updated library. But other tasks call.)

The following came from the Arduino forum, MArch '15, was in the thread http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=308779.0. I think it speaks for itself? (I've tweaked it slightly, but only to make it readable in this context.) Please note that I cannot vouch for anything in the following, but it seems like it might well be true.

If you are having a problem with an ethernet project, you will do a
lot better if you get rid of that obsolete junk code and the ENC28J60.
This would be a good place to start.


If you don't have a problem, good, but still, you will do a lot better
if you get rid of that obsolete junk code and the ENC28J60.

The ENC28J60 is fundamentally unsuited for use with Arduino which was
designed with the W5100 in mind. Having said that, there is a new library for
the ENC28J60 which allows you to use it in essentially the same way as the
W5100. You do not appear to be using it, and therefore expose your self to
some well-deserved grief, even if it hasn't happened - yet. If you cannot
bring yourself to get ethernet equipment more suited to the job, getting more
modern software to drive what you have would be a good idea. I assume it
improves the reliability of the ENC28J60 as well as making it easier to use.

While most people simply plug a proper Ethernet shield into a Uno, W5100
modules are available for connection to a small non-standard Arduino like you
have, and the software to use them is in the Arduino IDE.

The W5100 is not famous for low power consumption and I believe the ENC is
better in this regard. It is about the only good reason for using one.

So! Up to you. Remember that if you have an ENC28J60, it is not necessarily good for nothing, but be sure you use a good library. If in doubt... upgrade!

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