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Hanging on to what you've got


Transaction confirmations

(This is a sub page within a project which tries to spread understanding of how stock market investing works. If you have "dropped in" from outside, and the following doesn't meet your needs, it may be worth visiting Sheepdog Guides Investing's main page.)

Here at Sheepdog Guides Investing, the "transaction confirmations" records are a slight adaptation of the real world situation, killing two birds with one stone.

In the real world, when you, say, buy 2 shares of Google, you get a slip of paper at the time, with details of the transaction. It is a good idea to hang on to these, for prosecuting claims to entitlements under class action suits.

In the real world, in the proper accounts, which are provided there, you also get an entry to record the event... usually two entries, actually... In the case of the puchase of the shares, an entry to show the shares coming into your possession, and an corresponding entry showing the cash it took going out.

In the Alternative Universe of Sheepdog Guides Investing, I have conflated those elements somewhat. In the table below, you see details of purchases and sales of stock holdings. There won't be, here, the entry about the change in the account's cash (money market) position... but there will also be two entries on the "accounts" page, which should keep things as they ought to be.

The "From"/"To" codes are used almost exactly as they are used in the project's "accounts". However, here, when stock is bought or sold, the stock's ticker takes the place of "sb" (stock bought) or "ss" (stock sold).

Nota bene: The NEWEST records are at the TOP of the list. The purpose and interpretation of the columns is presented below the table.

TWO lines for EACH transaction....

  Date       $$$$$   Underlying   Fees
yy.mm.dd      net
Shrs   From    To   Notes

12.03.16    3620.00     3500.00   120.00
    10  8mm  goog   Bou 10 ko

12.03.16    3320.00     3200.00   120.00
    10  8mm  goog   Bou 10 pep

12.03.04    6,370.00    6220.00   150.00
    10  8mm  goog   Bou 10 goog

12.03.03  100,000.00 100,000.00      nil
100,000 xtk   8mm   Lottery win into a/c

   N.B.: Entries in "xref" in lower case to say "to be done",
   and in upper case to say "have been done"

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