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Hanging on to what you've got

Codes allowed, "From" / "To" fields

From / To codes....

(This is a sub page within a project which tries to spread understanding of how stock market investing works. If you have "dropped in" from outside, and the following doesn't meet your needs, it may be worth visiting Sheepdog Guides Investing's main page.)

This page will define what codes are allowed in the "From" and "To" columns in our "accounts".

In addition to the special codes shown below, any valid stock tickers, are allowed, including things like "8mm", which isn't an actual stock's ticker. Such "tickers" are explained on the stock tickers page. ("8mm" is our "ticker" for the money market fund where any cash belonging to the account sits.)

"Special" codes...

8div  Dividend
sb    Stock bought
ss    Stock sold
xtk   Transfers, in or out, to or from TKB, the author of these pages.

"8div" is a code we will use in connection with dividends. They (dividends) are a source of new cash which comes into the account if you own shares in dividend paying companies. If you are going to know where you are, how you got there, you need a way to say "That money came from the payment of a dividend". We'll go into this more throughly at some point in the future.

"sb" and "ss" are the codes we'll use in the "accounts" when we record the purchase or sale of some shares. In the transaction records, however, the stock's ticker will appear in the "From" or "To" columns. "sb" and "ss" will appear fairly commonly, and while they may be puzzling as you get started into this project, I hope that how they are useful will soon be self-evident. Just "go with the flow", for the moment.

"xtk" is a code for "Transfer (x), from TKB", TKB being the author of this project, the hypothetical winner of the lottery money. The main point of all the trouble and book-keeping discussed in these pages is to know where the hypothetical "account" stands... what it has, where it came from, where things which were in it went. "xtk" is used when something comes into, or goes out of, the project.

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