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Open Office Base (database) (ooBase) Tutorials
Old notes about installing Report Builder

Sun's Report Builder Extension for ooBase _______________

Scrap from old page!

There is a BETTER page addressing installation of the extension. LOOK AT IT first, but if for some reason you don't like what you find there, here's an alternate, older, essay about installing the add on.

Report Builder from scratch_________

I'm writing this while my experiences as a new user are still fresh in my mind. I'm using ooBase 2.4 on a Windows (ugh) XP box.


1) If they aren't already, get your basic ooOffice applications set up and running nicely.

2) Go to the extensions repository, navigate (menu at left) to By Application | Base. Go to the page for Sun Report Builder. You have options at this stage which I don't fully understand. Here's what I did; it seems to work.

3) Click on the "Get It" (or "Download") button. I elected to save the result (sun-report-builder_0.oxt) onto my computer. It was 2.9meg.

4) I then made sure, as per instructions, that no OpenOffice application was running.

5) Double clicked on the sun-report-builder_0.oxt file. I don't think my PC went off to the net during the install. I don't know if the .oxt file is now redundant. I'm leaving it where it was, just to be safe.

6) Either immediately, or after I started ooBase, which I did shortly thereafter, a dialog came up asking me to accept terms. It requires you to at least scroll down through them all. (I of course read every word and had my lawyer check the terms.) I then clicked "Okay" or "Next" or some such.

7) If not already up and running, I then started ooBase, not knowing how else to get into the Report Builder. (ooBase may have started during the install... I don't remember for sure.) It could, after all, be a separate, stand-alone application... but it isn't.

Ta! Da! (I hope!!)

Now go to the current version of this page for an example of using the Report Builder

Further odds and ends....

I even got lucky... my first installation was of version 1.0.1. When 1.0.2 came along the next morning (typical!), I tried the from- within- ooBase update- the- extension mechanism, and it seemed like it "just worked" :-)

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