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Open Office Database Tutorials

Forums: An excellent source of help

If you are trying to become a more proficient user of almost anything, may I recommend forums to you?

For the Open Office applications, the following is my current recommendation:

Open Office- main page for the sub-forum in English about the database application.

For other Open Office modules, or other languages, see... Open Office- main forum portal.

New to forums?

Persevere! It is the "easy way", in the long run.

Yes, you have to "register". It is worth it!

"Lurk" first... read some stuff before you make your first post. Get the hang of how people behave in the community.

Above all... before you make a post, search the old posts. The searching is a minor skill to master, but it is worth it for you, not just because you will probably annoy community members if you don't search first.

Is your question REALLY so special that it hasn't already been asked and answered several times? Why wait for someone to write out the answer again... if anyone can be bothered, when you didn't bother to do the search?

For old times sake...

The forum for Open Office discussions used to be Sadly, by the end of 2012, that was beginning to be overcome by net entropy. But we had some good times there.

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