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Delphi: Using Dallas MicroLan (aka 1-wire) DS2438

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STOP PRESS... apologies. I seem to have lost the files which were once online, and contained all of the useful material that this page related to. I've looked for them quite hard.... will try even harder later, but suspect they are GONE... sigh. Sorry.

That's the bad news. The perhaps almost as bad news is that I have managed to find some code that probably derived from the demo that was the subject of this page. I have crudely extracted that code, and posted it here as a text file you can download. (It will open in a new window or tab.) Sorry about the messiness of this "solution".

This particular tutorial is more than usually sketchy... please don't judge my other tutorials from this. You will find extensive commentary in the BAD LINK (Click on the "source code" link to download a zip. The zip also includes the .exe for this program.) To compile that code, you also need the Dallas unit IBTMEXPW.PAS which is included with the TMEX SDK. You must compile to code, to put the unique ID of your DS2438 into it, and possibly change the adapter type and port number. (These matters are documented within the code.)

The DS2438 is called a "Battery Monitor". However, it contains a neat ADC, a temperature sensor, and a "clock" (not a RTC, but you could put one together with some software, I think.)

The program I've provided in the zip isn't perfect, but it will give you a head start with writing programs to read the ADC or the temperature sensor. I believe that the DS2438's temperature sensing capabilities make it better than a DS18x20, even if you don't need the chip's other functions. (Reads to 1/32nd of a Celsius degree).

In addition to the documented source code on offer above, you can BAD LINK to download a zip of an older program I wrote illustrating access to the DS2438. The zip also includes the .exe for this program, which was silly of me, as it won't run unless you have my DS2438 chip! (You have to recompile the code with your chip's unique ID.)

Don't despair if you don't find the datasheet at Dallas easily... it's there. Try the "parametric search" and look under battery monitor.

Try this (for the data from Dallas) if you like.

For more on the MicroLan and why it's cool, see... My guide to MicroLan

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