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Delphi: Automating the creation of an HTML photo album

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This particular tutorial is atypically sketchy... please don't judge the others from this. However, while it may lack guidance, there is source code for a program. The source code is heavily commented... see it for some of the "tutorial" element in this. I am working on a shareware version of the program, email me if interested (c. $20) Click here to download a zip file with the source code.

First: What this ISN'T: It isn't a system to set up an image server for the internet.

What it is: The program reads a script file put together by the user. It generates some html which can be posted on the web to display jpeg files located in the same location on the web. The results look like my photo album of my South America trip, see the link below. The slow load time, by the way, is a function of the level of quality I chose for the images, not of the html delivering them...

Click here for my photos.

The script file is prepared using Notepad or similar. It essentially says "I want {this image}, {this size}, with {this caption}. That material is repeated once for each photo. The Delphi program in the zip file is then run, and suitable html is generated, for posting, with the images, on the web.

The program is incomplete. However, you can see things working in it, and see how they work. I'm quite pleased with the interlocking use I've made of OnExit and OnChange events for the edit boxes, and {button}.enabled:=true/false to error check filename specifications, and prevent inadvertent overwriting of already existing files.

You will also see a way to use memos to access small text files, e.g. ini files, or, as in this case, script files.

Apologies for the sketchy notes... I have to post this as it is now, or leave the material unavailable even longer!!! Let me know if anything here is seriously wrong or misleading?

Click here to download zip file with the source code.

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