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Delphi / Lazarus Course:
A series of exercises to help you make a quick start in Delphi or Lazarus programming

These pages are information rich.

Please don't dismiss them simply because they aren't full of graphics, scripts, cookies, etc!

You will probably find the text easier to read if you make your browser window much narrower than usual. You may also want to change your browser's zoom level, to enlarge the text. Opera (at least) lets you change zoom level easily. The text will adapt nicely to the settings you decide give the best results for your needs!

The lines of sample Delphi code in these pages will not "wrap". I.e., if a line is too long to show in the width you have set your browser too, parts of the line will be "off the page". Those lines will still copy/paste properly, at least in Opera. Please feel free to send feedback on the choices I've made! (Will you forgive me for not forcing upon you a column of links on the left and a column of ads on the right?)

This is the index to what I hope will grow into series of lessons on Delphi programming. The same principles apply to Lazarus programming... I hope you will find that most of the tutorials word exactly the same way under Lazarus. If you encounter any difficulties, I would be grateful for a comment from you. (Please tell me the URL ("www. thingie" of the page you are commenting on.)

I had been publishing Delphi tutorials for years and decided the time had come to begin a structured series of essays. They are for the dedicated student, someone willing to work through a program which will touch all bases in a logical sequence. If, on the other hand, you are a Google Junkie (like myself), not too disciplined, if you just want to know, now, how to...., then you'll probably be happier with my Tutorials.... which also work well for Lazarus too.

Delphi / Lazarus Course

You really will get the greatest benefit from these if you work through them from top to bottom. So far, only the first two lessons are finished. Try them? Let me know what you think? (If no one is interested, I'll spare myself the work of writing the lessons!)

First Lesson: Hello World... Everyone: please start with this one.

Very simple data lookup... with several general points covered along the way.

Inches to centimeters: A converter... The "OnChange" event.

Essay: Events, multitasking... The first essay. No application or hands-on... just some stuff you need to grasp.

Second stab at data lookup... A first use of arrays. Etc.

A first look at graphics... in which you learn about loops.

"Proper" graphics... with odds and ends arising.

A better converter... and we meet menus and radio buttons.

Using Strings (and things)... Containers. Hierarchies.

Essay: Naming of Parts... Software, hardware.

More chunky graphics... an easy lesson, mostly recap, but also we meet TrackBars for the first time.

More Strings: First Codes... Manipulating string data.

More Strings: Manipulation... Pretty patterns.

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