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Fellow trip participants: Please click here for a message from Tom Boyd. (Thank you- you know who you are- for photos submitted to date. They WILL be incorporated!!!)

For those who do not have broadband, this photo album of our trip to Costa Rica has been divided into many pages, each with just a few pictures. This page gives you an overview.

When you click on any of the following, the required page opens in a new window. You can either use the links on that page to move around the album (in the same window), or close the window, which will restore this menu page to the front of however many windows you have open.

Main page for Costa Rica photos
Organisms- best
. . . . Organisms- secondary, animals: vertebrates
. . . . Organisms- secondary, animals: not vertebrates
. . . . Organisms- secondary, plants
Landscapes- best
. . . . Landscapes- secondary, no water
. . . . Landscapes- secondary, with water
. . . . . . . . Landscapes- tertiary
. . . . . . . . Landscapes- a special case. May or may look nice on your display. Try unzooming, if not.
Misc photos with stories, information
Primarily of interest to trip participants
. . . . Secondary page of photos primarily of interest to trip participants

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