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Setting up FTDI Serial Adapter Drivers

Windows XP, March 2018

This is sketchy... put here as much for my own wants as anything else... but, just in case it helps the other dinosaur on the planet that might want it...

I had an ModernDevice USB-BUB interface cable, for programming Arduinos over a USB port... or for general TTL-serial to USB wants, too, of course.

The chip at the heart of it: An FTDI FT232RL

I had an old XP laptop I wanted to use it, and the Arduino IDE with. (The IDE installed like a charm from a sneakernetted copy of the standard install file for vers 1.8.1)

Plugged in... Windows told me it "couldn't find driver".... even when, reluctantly, I let the laptop connect to the web, and search.

So I unplugged the adapter, and...

Went along to...

FTDI's drivers for VCP page

Fetched the .zip for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, x86 (32-bit)... CDM 2.08.24 WHQL Certified.zip

Opened the .zip in Windows (File) Explorer. Did select all. Copy.

Created a new, empty folder. Did Paste.

Plugged adapter in again. Got usual New Hardware Wizard. Told it NOT to search internet or use the automatic Windows. Said I had disk. Drilled down to the folder I'd created.

There were TWO "things" to install. Sorry... doing this from memory a few hours after the process. Files ending ".inf"? One for "Port" one for... Ummm.

I think I did the "port" one first. As soon as it was finished, the New Hardware Wizard, essentially, restarted itself. I then said "do the other one now." NHW ran to completion this time. And, without restarting computer or anything, ALL WAS WELL!... Launched Arduino IDE, and it "saw" the "serial port". ("Tools/Port").

So... until all our XP machines finally die... THANK YOU FTDI for supporting us! (They also support Linux, where Windows 10 is driving me, at least!)

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