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sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

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Modern computer systems are constantly evolving.

Fixes are found for bugs. New features are introduced.

Even though, in general, I have an innate aversion to change, when it comes to my computer systems, I know that the lesser of the two evils in front of me is to arrange for things to be updated and upgraded regularly.

In particular, if you are going to install something new, before you do, go into the CLI and invoke...

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

And do pay attention to the "stuff" scrolling over the screen, and in particular messages given to you. If you get... and I will try to get the exact words for you.. something along the lines, near the end, "the following are unnecessary, you can delete them with apt-get auto((something))", grit your teeth, hope for the best, and issue the command. With a sudo in front of it, if you had a sudo for the first two commands.

Who says?

The commands change the innards of your OS. Who says those changes will be for the better?

At the time I am writing this, I am new to Linux. Well... to using it on a Pi. (I've played with it for years, swearing to (one day) throw off my Windows shackles. While I can't "authoritatively" say that you will never regret doing apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, I can tell you that they have been a part of Linux computing for many years. You aren't getting updates and upgrades from "just anyone". I'm doing mine faithfully... though that's probably exactly the word for it... and I am usually a "hard sell" when it comes to persuading me that such things should be done.

Hope that helped?

I hope that was helpful. Getting started is always so tedious. This page was just "a sidebar" off of my main "Getting started with Raspberry Pi" page. Feel free to contact me (see below) with comments, suggestions, questions... save the next reader being confused by something? Please cite this page's URI, if you do: qSUPPLY.


Please remember that this material is copyright. (TK Boyd, 2018) There are further notes in this page's parent page.

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