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"CLI" stands for Command Line Interface.

When you work with a Pi, you may spend a lot of time at the GUI desktop (I use Raspbian). But it is likely that from time to time, you will do things "the old skul way", with the CLI.

When you do the famous "sudo apt-get update", you are using the CLI. The CLI is the Pi equivalent of the DOS Command Prompt.

Some users do everything via the CLI. Many, however, use the GUI desktop for at least some of their work. If you are in the desktop environment (looks a bit like using a Windows or Mac computer), there will be a way to invoke "the Terminal".

When you do, a window will open, usually a black background, and when you tupe the writing comes up in a light gray. When you are working "in the Terminal app", you are using the CLI.

You get OUT of the CLI by entering "exit"... without the quotation marks... an pressing the Enter key.

A gotcha!...

While using the CLI, you will sometimes be asked for your password. When you are, a special input mode begins: What you type will NOT appear on the screen! But, never fear, it is "going in". Type your password, press the Enter key. You'll either get what you asked for, or be told you entered the wrong password.

Longer article on GUI

I've also done a long-ish tour of the GUI desktop for you.

It has a few "newbies need to know" items in it, but you'll probably guess most of them. It also points to things you may want to know about when you are beyond just getting started.

Hope that helped?

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