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I have perhaps too many websites! I confuse even myself, sometimes. Instead of a "proper" home page for, I am going to ask you to go to the home page for one of my other sites. One or the other will take you to my SheepdogGuides pages too.

The home page at Sheepdog Software is perhaps my best home page. Don't be put off by the "Software" part in the name. Today it is more a collection if "How Tos", although there is a lot of Windows freeware and shareware there, too...

My oldest enduring site... (There was one at Compuserve before that...) This might be better for the techie reader. There is considerable cross-posting, though, so either should "do".

But, as you are here, I will mention two major things that ARE at (There are links to them from my "bigger" home pages, too.)

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Here is how you can contact this page's author, Tom Boyd.

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