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How fast do human fingernails grow?

This is a "stub" of a page I could expand.

For now, I will present the "start" and "end" points of an experiment. If interest is shown, there could be discussion of various matters.

I have a set of photos, similar to what you see below, taken pretty well every seven days over a period of four months... the time it took my nails to grow about 12mm. Measurements could be taken manually, OR, for a different challenge, to illustrate a technique, software could be used to "read" the images.

Do nails grow at a constant rate? With the as-yet-unpublished photos, we could see, couldn't we?

What do you think of the experimental technique? What strengths can you find? What weaknesses?

Nails as they were 23 March, 2017. Note the small black (India ink) lines at base of each nail. (Just the four fingers, not the thumb. Should have done thumb too. Think about it: Quite likely that it has evolved to replace nail more quickly. Or maybe, being a thicker nail, it grows more slowly?) I believe one of the marks on the little finger got "moved" slightly over the course of the experiment. Sigh.

Each small square on the graph paper is 2mm on a side... should have been marked on it! (So many tings You Can Do Better when you repeat the experiment!)


... and here we see the same hand, 27 July, 2017...



The little finger had three marks, left, centre, and right. (In the first photo they "bump into" each other somewhat.)

This was to check that the intuitive idea that the nail grows at the same speed across its width is correct.

The left hand mark, I think, suddenly got a bit ahead of the other two. (Or the other two fell behind the one!... Seems unlikely.) I presume that I just made a mistake when marking one week.

In te final image, the left hand mark has already "fallen off" the end of the fingernail.

Practical detail

(And disclaimer: "Don't Try (any of) This At Home", unless you are over 18, and willing to accept responsibility for what YOU choose to do. (Under 19s: Ask your parents.)...

Whew! Now THAT's out of the way...

The marks come off quite easily... perhaps a useful property of fingernails: It is hard to make things stick to them. Besides the marks, I put SMALL, SHALLOW scratches where you see ink. That made RE-inking the marks (accurately) easier.

Don't make DEEP scratches... you will compromise the strength and anti-bacterial integrity of your nails. (On my right hand, I damaged the bed of one nail. (Years ago, in a completely unrelated enterprise.) Since then, that nail is "split" down the middle... a tiresome nuisance.)

So! What do you think?

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