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The Sun

How big? How far away?

On average, the sun is 149,600,000km (93 million miles) from the earth. (Don't let anyone tell you that it is warmer in the summer because we are closer to the sun, by the way.

The sun's diameter is about 696,000km. (How many earths, stacked one on top of another, would it take to add up to that?

But how do we know? Can WE measure those parameters?

Science involves measuring. I don't care whether at the end of this you remember how big the sun is. But I do hope that you will think about the fact that we've measured something you wouldn't think it possible to measure.

One... or is it two?... little "cheat(s)"

I can tell you how far away the sun is... if you tell me how big it is.

.... or....

I can tell you how BIG the sun is... if you tell me HOW FAR AWAY it is.

And the bad news is: I'm out of time for this just now. Can you figure out... or find on other webpages... how it is done?

DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE SUN. It can be VERY bad for your eyes.

"All" you need to figure out what we've spoken of is

That's all. You measure two things, and then you can work out the rest!

If you "can't wait" for the answer... write me, and I will try to get back to this page and finish it.

BETTER: Treat what I've said so far as big hints, and figure out for yourself how what I've said can be done is done.

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