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Open Office Database Tutorials

How the material is split up,
How it is presented

(Useful if you want to use offline)

Page contents © TK Boyd, Sheepdog Software ®, 10/12.

Editorial Philosophy

I dislike 'fancy' websites with more concern for a flashy appearance than for good content. For a pretty picture, I can go to an art gallery. Of course, an attractive site WITH content deserves praise... as long as that pretty face doesn't cost download time. In any case....

I am trying to present this material in a format which makes it easy for you to USE it. There are two aspects to that: The way it is split up, and the way it is posted.

The way it is split up:

These tutorials derive from an older project explaining Delphi programming. The site you are reading now was started early in 2006, when I was new to Open Office's ooBase, version 2. As the site grew, I split it up into 'bite-sized' pieces. I indicate which pieces are basic, of general importance, and which address more specific issues which also happen to be complex, or depend on more fundamental issues.

I.e. I try to help you walk before inviting you to run.

The way it is posted:

OpenOffice users have an HTML capable wordprocessor, so I make use of HTML in these documents. Is this a problem?

You should be able to read the tutorials on-line without difficulty. However, you should ALSO find it easy to capture them for off-line use. You should be able to save the pages from a browser, and re-load them from your hard disc later. Here's how to do that...

Create a folder for the tutorials so that you can retain my filenames with no risk of name clashes with files already on your system.

On-line, use your browser to view the tutorial you want to capture.

Use the browser's File | Save As... to save the web-page to your disc. At this point you can log off, or visit other pages, perhaps saving them, too.

When you have logged off, just use your browser's File | Load command to view the material.

Filenames/ folders: I've tried to be organized: All of the tutorials about OpenOffice's "Base" are in the folder "FDB", for "Free Data Base". Many filenames begin with "fdb" and a digit. Even though I think "OO" ("oh, oh") is too easily confused with "zero, zero".. and no browser will accept one where the other is expected, some tutorials about broader issues have filenames beginning "opof", from "OPenOFfice.

Please remember the material is copyright. (TK Boyd, 2006 and later) The procedures above are suggested only for convenient personal use of the material, however, also....

Feel free to use this information in computer courses, etc, but a credit of the source, quoting the URL, would be appreciated. If you simply copy the pages to other web pages you will do your readers a disservice: Your copies won't stay current. Far better to link to these pages, and then your readers see up-to-date versions. For those who care- thank you- I have posted a page with more information on what copyright waivers I extend, and suggestions for those who wish to put this material on CDs, etc. (There is at least one prison using the material for inmate education. I do understand that situations exist where an internet connection isn't possible!)

Ad from page's editor: Yes.. I do enjoy compiling these things for you... I hope they are helpful. However.. this doesn't pay my bills!!! If you find this stuff useful, (and you run an MS-DOS or Windows PC) please visit my freeware and shareware page, download something, and circulate it for me? Links on your page to this page would also be appreciated!

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