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Internal mechanism of Sargent Model 81
Mortice Lock- for repair work.

If you are attempting a repair of a Sargent Model 81 mortice lock, this page is for you. It shows you what the insides should look like!


This is the sort of lock this page is about. In the image, the "inside" is to the left, and the "outside" is to the right. The door can be pulled to, to lock it, when leaving, and it opens inwards. Obviously! (When you think about any one of the three ways I said the same thing!) (Of course, if you merely pull it to, it is not locked as securely as it would be, if you had used your key to throw the bolt.)

Beware the little leaf spring I've marked with the yellow arrow... it pops off and hides in the "guts" of the lock... if it hasn't fallen, un-noticed, to the floor. But if it were easy, where would the fun be?

Here we see the bolt withdrawn.


And here we see the bolt extended.


I hope you enjoyed the page... or at least found useful!

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