My "Privacy Policy"

Think about it...

  * If I am a good man, I won't do bad things with any things I learn about you.

  * If I am a bad man, I will lie to you, and do what I like with your data... after telling you I am a good man.

Am I a man? Woman? Border collie? Is Schrodiger's cat dead yet?

But, just to behave for a moment. (Ich)...

What "data" have I "collected" about you? Not a lot! (Apart from the "data collecting" (not much!) implied by things like my Adsense gizmos. See details below.)

But, as we live in a post 1984 world, I will grit my teeth, say: I started my webpages in... umm... the mid 1990s? Last century, anyway.

I can't recall ever selling, giving away, etc, anyone's personal data. I have no plans to start doing so now.


I do make use of several services that may collect "data" when you visit my pages.

Ususally there are two Google Adsense gizmos. Usually there is "hidden code" from to monitor my web-traffic. View my page's source, if you wish. It is a lot easier to check than most.

There are the "Like this on Facebook" buttons and Google Translate, Freefind tools.

Any of these things can "track" you to a greater or lesser degree.

Do *I* gather great long lists of email addresses and your personal details, so I can plague you with spam, or sell your details on? No.