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Sites About Delphi and Pascal Programming

I- personally- commend these sites to you. Nothing is listed here that I haven't (at some time, anyway) visited. They have been chosen for you "by hand", by me. They are not listed in any particular order. Each will open in a new window.

The links were tested at 25 Jan 04, re-tested 10/04, 6/06 and 5/07. They were working except as noted. (The numbers in brackets indicate the site was in the list and tested on these dates. "LS" Means the site was already known as Long Standing back on 1/04. WBM mm/yy indicates that the page was known to the Wayback Machine at mm/yy.)
Please don't ask for a link to your own site unless a) it already has a link to my tutorials index (http://sheepdogguides.com/tut.htm), and b) the Wayback Machine will show me that your site has been up for more than two years.

Borland The home of the people who provide us with Delphi. (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06, 5/07)
Delphi Central (10/04, 6/06, 5/07)
Delphi Land- Online Delphi tutorials for beginners, tips, source code. (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06)
Frank's Delphi Lessons (LS, 1/04, 10/04, (new URL 6/06), 5/07)
Marco Cantu's Essential Pascal tutorial... read online, or download text. (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06, 5/07)
Delphi Super Page.... an archive of material, some with sourcecode. (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06, 5/07)
Swiss Delphi Center In English, German, and French. Programming tips, Downloads, Links, Etc. (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06, 5/07)
Delphi Apostle- Matlus Site with straightforward tutorials dealing mostly with building using Delphi 6 Enterprise. Includes tutorials on web services, ISAPI, TCP/IP work, and more! (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06, 5/07)
Merlin's Delphi Forge: Delphi/Kylix portal with FAQ answers, downloads, links, forums. (LS, 1/04, 10/04, (slight change to ULR:) 6/06, 5/07.. 6/08: N.b. .net, not .com)
Programmer's heaven: vast resource of ... I think you can guess! (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06, 5/07)
http://go.to/masdp will bring you to MAS Delphi page, with Delphi-components, applications, tools, code examples, links.... and a (to me unwelcome) pop-up that looks like a system message, inviting you to install some software. All freeware, I'm told! (LS, 1/04, 10/04, 6/06), 5/07
Bob Swart's Delphi Resources New to this list 6/06, but I have been aware of his Delphi involvement for years. (6/06, 5/07)

I had a link to a Delphi page within the Lycos site. The link was bad when I checked it at 1/04, but of course you should look in the various directories- Lycos, Yahoo, etc.
Yahoo home
Lycos home

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