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Use / Serve / Administer

This page is in a moment about working in a client/ server environment... but bear with me for a moment?

If you wanted to teach someone to ride a bicycle, you would at some point say "Use the handlebars to steer; push the pedals to go forward."

While this is valid, hearing it won't complete your pupil's journey to proficiency.

What does this have to do with you becoming a master client/server mechanic?? It was by way of introducing...

All you need to know about client-server computing

A server is a "thing" that provides resources to clients

Three programs, at least, are needed:

-- A client program, by which the user of the server accesses the services of the server.

-- A server program. It "runs in the background" (using that term in the everyday sense, not strictly in the computing sense... although it will be "in the (computer) background" to some extent.)

-- A program that an administrator runs to manage how the service behaves. For example, the server administration program will often have a module which allows the human administrator to set up or modify who can use the server, what their password (if any) will be, etc.

So.. that's all right then?

No, of course it isn't all right. But try to keep the "simple ideas" above in mind, as you struggle. Try to be clear about what's the client program, what's the server, what's the admin program.

Try to be clear about what each is for.

Please don't be too annoyed if your find yourself back here from time to time due to links from my client/ server tutorials? Like the novice cycler, you may benefit from thinking again about the "simple" things above, which are true... even if it takes a while to "understand" them... properly.

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