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Mud, glorious mud... all things ceramic... with Strabo Tours
November 2013

This is a subsidiary page. My Morocco pictures site has a main page which gives you the links you need for more.

The photos here are primarily to tell you about a fascinating place we visited, the Art Naji workshops and salesrooms. (The website is in French, one of Morocco's official languages, but the pictures are in English.) Apologies for the fact that the art in the photos is not as good as the art in some of the products of the workshops.

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I've done a further sub-page which poses a challenge, and, even if you don't want to "go there" in respect of the challenge, it tells you more about the marvels of the mosaic work at Art Naji.

Multi-media was invented before the computer era...In the left below, a detail of a silver + ceramic work of art, the detail being about 20cm across, and on the right a dish about 40cm across, again silverwork overlaid in ceramic, not merely a "silver" glaze.

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Smell a rat? Or should I say "cat"? The cat in front of the tiles (photo further up page) wasn't there... but he tells you the scale of the scene, don't you think? The ceramics workshop was in Fes and the cat was in Rabat, 100 miles from Fes. Cat photographed 25 hours after the tiles.. Hurrah for Serif's PhotoPlus! (The link takes you to there site, where you can download a free started edition. Windows only.

Just east of Fes, just off the N6.... 1.3 miles as the raven flies, from Le Borj Nord, "the southern tower", and excellent vantage point for seeing the old city. )The tannery pits, alas, are behind a low ridge, from the tower. The ceramics workshops are at Lat 34.06084, Long -4.94983, just off the N6. -...

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