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Getting Started with Lazarus Programming

This will take you from knowing nothing to having an idea

This has good information, and a search button at the bottom of the page

Please don't dismiss it because it isn't full of graphics, scripts, cookies, etc!

This page is "browser friendly". Make your browser window as wide as you want it. The text will flow nicely for you. It is easier to read in a narrow window. With most browsers, pressing plus, minus or zero while the control key (ctrl) is held down will change the texts size. (Enlarge, reduce, restore to default, respectively.) (This is more fully explained, and there's another tip, at my Power Browsing page.)

Early days! But I think, HOPE, that the following link will invoke the download of a .dmg file, and that if you download it, and click on the "thing" in the file, a little "Hello World" app will run.

The package is available online for download. I would be VERY grateful for any reports of what happens when you try to download, install this on a Mac.

You will probably encounter a message saying "TKBFirstMacLaz can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."

For full details, see the explanation at OS X Daily.com. I hope they will forgive me for lifting the following bit of their page, to tell you how you CAN load the app....

Begin quote from osxdaily.com
How to temporarily Get Around "App Can't Be Opened" Gatekeeper Alert Message

This is probably the best option for most users, since it maintains some security:

    Right-click (or control-click) the application in question and choose "Open"
    Click the "Open" button at the next dialog warning to launch the app anyway

You can do this with any third party app that gives you this warning dialog to open it anyway.
(End quote from osxdaily.com)

Bypassing Gatekeeper this way will NOT stop it blocking the next app, but you WILL be able to RE-open TKBFirstMacLaz as often as you wish, after once telling Gatekeeper you are willing to take the chance.

Please don't waste hours... or even many minutes! "Trying to make it work." If it doesn't Just Work, **I** need to do more work at my end!! But if you can tell me it DID Just Work, you will make a frazzled programmer Very Happy!

Details of what sort of Mac you use, and which version of the operating system you are on would be extra help.

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If you visit 1&1's site from here, it helps me. They host my website, and I wouldn't put this link up for them if I wasn't happy with their service. They offer things for the beginner and the corporation.www.1and1.com icon

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