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TCP/IP work with Lazarus

What library should you use?

What TCP/IP library to use?

Several options are listed at http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/Networking_libraries

TWICE... once in July 2022, and previously in Feb 17, I was going back to TCP/IP work after having been away for a while. I'd used Synapse before, encountered no hassles, so went back to it. But first I took a moment at the page mentioned above to consider alternatives.

I came away still liking Synapse. Because...

Free. Seems to be fairly widely used by Lazarus/FPC programmers. Also works with Delphi. Works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Supports many protocols. (TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, NTP, POP3, PING, IMAP, LDAP, FTPS, DNS). (Having made that last point, I should add: I generally avoid "do everything" programs. But for a tool, I'd rather work hard to get started, in return for the limit of what I can do, now that I've got past the start of the learning curve, is extensive. I don't want to have to start with a new package when my wants grow.

It's "install" couldn't be less invasive. (Read my "How to install Synapse" page to clarify that.)

Synapse has been around for a while. (A web-post from 2012 speaks of it being old then.) I haven't been able to find a normal "forum" for Synapse! It does have an old skool email based discussion channel, with a way to search old discussions for what you want an answer to. (And you can, of course, start a new thread.) There are many posts with "Synapse" in them at the main Lazarus forum, but no dedicated sub-board.

I have in the past used the excellent ICS... for Delphi work. The people there do not want to know about Lazarus. The attitude is "Fine, use ICS if it works for you. But don't talk to us about Lazarus specific issues." (It does work with Lazarus, up to a point, by the way. And it is a HUGE, and very mature, alternative.)

There is a large wiki about Synapse at the "official" Lazarus site.

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