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Sending formatted text to a printer

Hasty "tutorial", but useful(?) sourcecode

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After three days in front of the computer, my back is sceaming.

I did tutorials for you on getting a Lazarus program to send "stuff" to your printer. Introductory totorials, "get you started" tutorials.

Because I needed answers to those wants for myself. But I needed to do more than "get started".

This "tutorial" takes the basics further. However, there is little explanation or "teaching" here.

However, you can download a .zip file with the whole Lazarus project in it. There are a lot of comments in the sourcecode.

LDN161 screenshot

Sourcecode provided

You can download a .zip file (LDN161Hardcopy21110.zip.zip) with the example of...printing formatted text (and/or graphics), using Lazarus. It has all the sourcecode, and a copy of the compiled .exe, as well, so you can have a play with that even before you bother to fire up your Lazarus.

You run the program. It fills the panel with some text. You click the "Send To Printer" button, and the text comes out of your printer as hardcopy.

Should not have been difficult. If you can do it quickly, without help, go for it! But you may want to at least skim the comments in the sourcecode I have made available.


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