Hey! The crudest "page" I have on the web, but...

I hope you came here because you have a Windows computer, and were thinking of trying Lazarus? But haven't installed it yet?

Here's the thing.

If you have a 64-bit computer, you can install EITHER the 64 bit Lazarus or the 32 bit Lazarus onto it. BUT **NOT** (easily) BOTH ! ! !

My advice, at least to beginners: Install the 32 bit version.


Unless you do, if instead you install the "latest, greatest" 64 bit vrsion, the things you create will only work on 64 bit machines.

"Go with" the "pedestrian" Win32 version, even on your super duper 64 bit machine.... and the things you create will run on EITHER 32 bit machines, or on 64 bit machines.

I hope I got this news to you in time.

If not:

Back up your projects, all your sourcecode.

Download and install the 32 bit version, accepting the installer's offer to remove the earlier installation (on YOUR head be any problems!!!)

Open any of your old projects in the 32 bit version, and recompile.

That saved my bacon, on a not-very-far-compromised system, Septmber 2012.

So... still reading? Sorry about the crude webpage.

Tom, at https://sheepdogguides.com