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Oops... sorry...
State Diagrams- Quiz or Quotes Machine?

I accidentally gave a new page of tutorial material the same name as one I had published earlier, and then wiped out the earlier page.

But the Wayback Machine saved my bacon, and the "lost" page is now available to you again.

The filename I used twice was "DT2r.htm" That filename is now assigned to the page you are reading.

If you wanted to read my tutorial on working with text files, as illustrated by the writing of a system to serve up amusing or wise quotations, that is now available via the link earlier in this sentence, as DT2s.htm

If you wanted to read my "how to" essay on using state diagrams, as illustrated by the writing of a little quiz game, that is now available via the link earlier in this sentence, as DT2t.htm.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and THANK YOU (again) to the Wayback Machine for saving the page I overwrote... a page which was a great deal of work. (I have seen the actual physical servers of one of the two repositories of the Wayback Machine. Quite a moment, I can tell you! (It was at the new library in Alexandria, Egypt.)

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