(file: Syntax.htm)

if (condition) {block-stmts}
  where "block-stmts" is one or more statements, with a semi-colon after each, including the last. "Condition" is something that boils down to "true" or "false". Remember to use a double equals sign in conditions, e.g. "x==27"

if (condition) {block-stmts} else {block-stmts}

do {block-stmts} while (condition)

pinMode (pin's number , allowed-mode)
  where "allowed-mode" is OUTPUT | INPUT | INPUT_PULLUP

digitalWrite (number of pin , "HIGH" or "LOW")

digitalRead (number of pin)

analogRead (number of pin)

delay (number of milliseconds to delay)

millis ()

randomSeed (number- it can be large)

random (number- one more than the highest result wanted)

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