Message to fellow trip participants....

Thank you for visiting this page. If you came to it from the Amazon photos album, just close this page when you've read it... The page you came from is "underneath" it.


I hope that you will either post an album yourself or that you might be willing to share a few of your best photos with me, with permission to add them to this album. By all means send them at less-than-best quality, if you want to preserve their commercial value. By all means incorporate some jpeg compression, if you know how. About 200-800k/ image seems reasonable to me.

There were a few photos that I requested copies of... if you are willing to let me have any of those, but only for my personal enjoyment, NOT for posting in this album, that is fine too.

If you post your own album, please let me have the URL to your pages, so I can put a link to them in this album? If you haven't made an album before, and would like to give it a try, have a look at my friend's work, which he produced by the free, apparently user friendly, "Tripod" service from Lycos (a well known, established service). N.B.: In the fine print you grant them permission to use anything you post, for anything, but the license does not appear to be exclusive. You may not care. Click here for information on signing up, using Tripod. Note that the button to "Print out the introductory How-To" which allows you to see what is necessary before registering, does not (at first) PRINT the How-To... it comes up on your screen, and then (if you wish) you print it.

I also like the online shareing service at Flickr, and the photo album software called Picassa, which comes from the nice people at Google.

If sending things via email is not convenient, send a print to me in England? I will return it... most quickly if you send an addressed envelope or sticky label!

With anything which I may post, please tell me how you want the copyright line to read, e.g. Fred Bloggs, or Trip Participant, if you don't want your name to appear. I'll add 03/07 to all of them, as I believe it is part of making the copyright claim valid... not that anything on the web is open to immediate theft anyway....Which is one of the reasons I would ask you to send any images as jpegs, with a bit of compression, so that the from-the-web copies of your photos aren't top quality. It is also a boon to web users with dial up connections. Don't let the technical stuff get in the way!! If "add some compression" is more that you want to face, please feel free to sent the photos any way that suits you. I will reduce big files, unless you say I really, really shouldn't, because not everyone has a broadband connection, and because I get charged for the downloads from my server.

Here is how you can contact this page's author, Tom Boyd.