Other Photos Of Our Merry Band, And Arrangements

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© TK Boyd 03/07

Setting out from the Explorama dock in Iquitos to begin our adventure in the rainforest. The boats were fast and comfortable, with sides that opened to let in the air when it was nice, or could be covered with plastic windows when the heavens opened.

[Image of Aramista galley]

© TK Boyd 03/07

No, the camera wasn't canted. The deck slopes here in the Aramista's galley.

[Image of tools]

© TK Boyd 03/07

Forget anything you may have heard about "South American casualness"... When attention to detail matters, it is not lacking. This in the engine room of the Aramista

[Image of towel origami]

© TK Boyd 03/07

Our stewards had many delightful ways of presenting us with out daily fresh towels. Towards the end of the trip, they showed us how each "towel origami" creation is done.

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© TK Boyd 03/07

The lobby of the excellent Swisshotel, Lima.

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